In the early to mid 1970's there was a tremendous amount of interest generated in collection and trading knives in the upstate of South Carolina. In July of 1974 twelve people joined together to form the Palmetto Cutlery Club. They proved to be men and women of vision for knife and cutlery collecting, buying, selling and trading. Also, at this time, the constitution and by-laws were adapted and officers were elected for a one year term. The name of the organization was rightfully chosen to be the Palmetto Cutlery Club in honor of the state of South Carolina which is designated “The Palmetto State”. Word traveled fast even in those days and the membership grew to twenty six (26) by the end of 1974.

The year 1975 brought on the real solid organization and recognition establishing the Palmetto Cutlery Club with the then National Knife Collectors & Dealers Association (NKC&DA). The Association co-sponsored a show with the club and it was very successful. This was a new attraction for the general population of upstate South Carolina.

Monthly meetings were held at different locations form Greenville to Spartanburg until a central meeting place was established at Greer, SC in 1976. The Greer Recreation Center located on Oakland Street was the meeting place and would continue to host the club's monthly meetings into the 21st. Century. Another meeting place was secured in Spartanburg, SC at the Bell Savings and Loan Association. These meetings were held in mid month and was helpful for members in that area which did not travel to Greer. This meeting was abandoned when Bell Savings did away with the meeting room. The club issued the first Palmetto Cutlery Club knife for the members in 1976. The knife was a Queen sleeveboard pattern with Mother of Pearl handles. After this issue, the membership voted to use pearl on all club knives thereafter as long as it was available. It has continued to be used until this day. Membership continued to flourish and a knife show was an annual event for several years forward.

The Palmetto Cutlery Club tang stamp was implemented with the 1977 club knife and was used for several years until the late 1980's with the exception of 1984. The original club logo was designed and accepted about this time. The original had an inner line around the perimeter with the lettering “Palmetto Cutlery Club” going up the left side. “Greer, South Carolina” going down the right side and “ Organized in 1975” along the bottom between the two lines. The inner line was dropped and the letters changed later on when mechanical and electronic reproduction and copying of the logo made it difficult to read. The Palmetto tree and the knife on each side are as originally drawn.

The membership decided to incorporate the club in 1979 and a charter and certificate of incorporation was issued by the Secretary of the State of South Carolina on December 31, 1979.

With a second meeting site, incorporation, a newsletter to keep the membership informed, a pearl handle club knife available to the membership each year, (there were 2 in 1983), and an annual show was the makings of a successful organization. The club was identified as a desirable organization to be associated with through out the United States. However, 1987 saw the last Palmetto show for some time. The 1988 show was combined with the SC Arms Association which was held at the Greenville Memorial Auditorium. This was done for the next several years. It got to be more and more difficult to schedule a show for dealers to attend because of the ever growing number of clubs through out the southeast and the whole United States. There would be no other stand alone Palmetto show until the next millennium. A successful show was held in Spartanburg, SC at the Wilson World Hotel on March 2-3, 2001. The years 2006 thru 2014 saw shows held at the Shriners Club in Wellford, SC. The shows were held at The Greer Tennis Club in Greer, SC for the years 2015 and 2016.

The club continues to have superb leadership and is well equipped to stay alive and well for years to come.
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